Backing Lee Bonner |

Backing Lee Bonner


As resident of Douglas County I wish to take this opportunity to endorse Lee Bonner for Douglas County commissioner in District 2.

Throughout his campaign Lee has proven to be an honest, thoughtful and hardworking candidate. He has thoroughly researched all of the issues facing the county’s leadership and has provided intelligent and creative solutions and ideas. One such idea is the creation of internships for local students to learn about the county’s government and become more involved and educated as they will soon be on the voter rolls and are the future of the county.

In this current economic climate and with the extremely high rate of unemployment in the area it is imperative the leadership of Douglas County takes a lead role in attracting business to the area. Lee is the only candidate to have provided strong and achievable plans for bringing new business to Douglas County.

Lee has proven his commitment to the County through his many civic endeavors. With his passion for the community, business background and creative ideas and solutions Lee Bonner is the best choice for Douglas County commissioner in District 2.

I urge all the citizens of Douglas County to choose Lee when they go to the polls.

Samantha Thurm