Background check too important |

Background check too important

We’re not going to speculate on the reason for the departure of County Manager Tom Stone last week.

But we agree with several people that a hiring process that does a background check only on the final candidate seems backward.

We’re told the reason is that the person must have a reasonable expectation of employment before any sort of background checks can be conducted.

But there are things that people who apply for a position as county manager or school superintendent must agree to in advance.

Two of the initial candidates for the job refused to allow their names to be released to the public and were therefore disqualified.

Far be it from us to curse the darkness without lighting a candle.

Perhaps if the county made clear that the short list of finalists would be subject to a background check on the front end, we could avoid what appears very strange to those of us in the private sector.

We agree that a background check is unnecessary for every person who applies, but with a half-dozen finalists, it just seems like due diligence to find out if a person belongs on that list.

As taxpayers, we’re being asked to pay someone more than $200,000 a year, counting benefits, to manage the county.

We believe that getting the best person for the job requires a vetting process that doesn’t wait until the last minute.