Authors turn up for book display |

Authors turn up for book display

by Ron Walker

Local authors are the stars. “Friends of the Library,” producers, and library staff direct the show. A dozen tables are pre-set by Librarian Luis Davis and the gala kicks off.

Orllyene and I set up our book display. We are among some “heavy hitter” authors. Fiction is the writing style of choice, but open-mindedness is the mode.

I float from table to table and stop at Jay Crowley’s. (Jay Crowley is the name she writes under.) She tells me she reads my Record-Courier column and is shameless in her praise, and the ice is broken.

Jay knows her craft. I start learning what it takes to weave elements together to keep the reader guessing until the last moment.

“I just want to get people to read,” she claims with desperation, while adding, “it also keeps my brain happy.”

“Ron, did you know there is an actual ship out on the desert between Hawthorn and Fallon?” Jay asks. “All my books take place in Nevada. I find a person or place that catches my attention, do a pack of research, write the story and, somewhere along the way, someone gets bumped off.”

(Jay has three books on Amazon, and Barnes and Noble too). Just before I leave to visit Lin Wilder, another Smith Valley writer, Jay remarks, “I would love to interview Judi Muller, the lady in your last column.”

She is spot on. Judi has volumes to relate. I promise to call Judi, and we part.

Orllyene and I meet so many nice people and have a fabulous afternoon. One touch of whimsy occurs when I’m asked if I can still do the dance jump illustrated on my book’s cover.

“Yes, certainly I can, if you will help me up off the floor after I fall,” I quip.

A week passes. When I come home after giving a dance class, Orllyene hands me a note.

“Jay is having a heart valve replacement. She would like you to give her a call,” she says. I call. Even with so much going on in her life at this moment, Jay asks me to call Judi to tell her of the surgery and to delay their appointment.

“I’m not afraid of dying, Ron,” Jay says. “I’m Irish, plenty mean and ornery, and God isn’t ready for me yet. AND, the devil is afraid I’ll take over down there,” she snaps.

Jay spoke with Orllyene earlier for a considerable amount of time about family and personal matters. Life has brought us all together for a reason. I am certain Jay has many mysteries left to solve.

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