Aug. 30 Letters to the Editor |

Aug. 30 Letters to the Editor

A taxi is one of the first vehicles across the new Muller Lane bridge on Saturday.
Kurt Hildebrand

Untrimmed trees around town pose threat


We have lived here in Minden for three years and we have noticed that the city trees have not been cut back/trimmed.

There are 4-5 huge trees across from McDonald’s, Super Burrito and the real estate mall in Minden. They are in desperate need of trimming back before the high winds take one or more down and possibly come down on someone driving by. A dangerous situation.

Also, in Gardnerville at 1191 School St., there is a gigantic tree that looks as though it has not been trimmed in 10 years. It has some huge limbs that hang over the street and people always park their cars underneath it.

We are sure these cities do not want any accidents with someone being injured or killed. Please, take the time to check these out soon before wind or the weight of snow causes any damage to people or cars.

Thank you.

Gary and Sally Bowman


Multi-family too much for Minden


Planning Commission, Board of Commissioners. I understand the need for single and multi-family housing in the Minden. However to put multi-family units on the corner of Lucerne and Ironwood or on Lucerne would be a colossal mistake for that environment around Jakes Wetlands and Wildlife Meadow. The damage would be beyond repair. It would not be “a place to reflect and refresh.” When you look online for the city of Minden it says “It’s been a long standing goal of the town to preserve the slough area for a passive recreation wildlife viewing area.” There are us walkers, dog walkers, joggers and bird walkers or those who just sit on the benches and listen to the wildlife. This wildlife of geese, ducks, turtles, frogs and muskrats would be devastated. Putting multi family apartments in this area will absolutely destroy what the city has put so much time, effort and money into implementing this lovely part of our Valley. I can just see the kids from these apartments out throwing rocks in the water or chasing the ducks and geese and displacing all the creatures or even killing them. The noise alone from the added cars and lighting would be an issue. There have been 47 accidents on Lucerne and Hwy 395. If the Planning Commission and Board pass this, blood of victims is on your hands when there are fatalities. Apartments should have access and face Hwy 395. It wouldn’t have such a negative impact on existing family homes or Jakes Wetlands and Wildlife Meadow. Another issue I brought up at the meeting which is gross negligence. The homeowners of Hearthstone and not Winhaven were notified of these meetings. We were told that it didn’t affect them. There are so many people driving through Lantana to get to Buckeye so they can make a safe left turn with a stop light, that speed bumps to slow the traffic down were installed. There are 250 homes in Winhaven and only 50 in Hearthstone where I live. Is the city and casino money trying to pull a fast one on us? Also we were told that the occupancy in apartments would be 2.3 people. Everyone attend 10 a.m. Sept. 6, CVIC Hall.

Leslie Hokenson


Tweetings for birds


Recently I came across a treasure trove of proverbs (“short pithy sayings stating a general truth or piece of advice”) and thought it would be interesting to see which ones might apply to the present political turmoil in Washington. Some of my favorites: “Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored;” “A closed mouth gathers no foot;” “Silence is an excellent remedy against slander;” “It’s better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubts;” “If you don’t say it you will not have to unsay it;” “People living in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones;” “It’s easier to destroy than to build;” “A man is known by the company he keeps;” “There is no honor among thieves;” “Self praise is no recommendation;” “Pride cometh before a fall;” “One should be wary of baring his soul to those who may some day betray him.” And finally, one that I would personally like to add to the list: “Tweeting’ should be left to the birds!”

John O’Neill