Audience enjoys array of music |

Audience enjoys array of music

by Ashley Noel Hennefer

Dancing, singing, and rock music galore – welcome to the Douglas High School winter talent show.

The last day before the two-week break always features a flutter of entertainment excitement for the annual talent show. Students from 10th to 12th grade participate in approximately three-minute acts. This year’s 16 acts featured singing, dancing and music.

The talent show was organized and put on by Douglas High School leadership and was hosted by two senior students. The hosts put on comedic skits pertaining to each of the numbers.

Bands featured an array of rock music – from metal, to acoustic, to screamo, to just plain, raw rock ‘n roll.

Dancing ranged from hip-hop to jazz and a combination of both.

Singing was the most popular performance choice. Some singers performed original work, while others covered popular songs.

There were two winners from each of the categories. The winners each received money as the prize.

Teachers, parents and peers alike appeared to enjoy all of the numbers.


n Dancing – first place, Sarah Hitchcock; second place, Erin Schell

n Bands – first place, Floor to Wall; second place, Fidelity Rise

n Singing – first place, Motown Melodies; second place, Elaina Humphrey