Attorney has videotape of Douglas County deputies |

Attorney has videotape of Douglas County deputies


With allegations and now a federal lawsuit looming over the head of two Douglas County deputies about alleged excessive force, a Carson City attorney is sitting on a crucial piece of evidence.

He’s keeping a video tape of an alleged incident of excessive force largely to himself and doesn’t want to share it with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office wants and needs the video showing the alleged misconduct to conclude its own ongoing investigation into the actions of two deputies.

The attorney involved claims he has withheld it from the sheriff’s office because he fears it would not be used properly and not result in a suitable outcome.

That’s an interesting conclusion, but hardly a fair one to the sheriff’s office.

When the sheriff and his internal investigation officer maintain they need the video to conduct and conclude a fair investigation, they should be taken at their word.

Such key evidence should be provided to them immediately.

We trust the sheriff’s office will use the video as needed and take whatever steps are required as a result of the investigation’s outcome. But that cannot be achieved until the video is shared with them, which we hope is sooner rather than later.