Association wants to sponsor young ostomy patients |

Association wants to sponsor young ostomy patients

Letters to Editor


The Reno/Northern Nevada chapter of the United Ostomy Association (UOA) is requesting assistance from the readers. Due to confidentiality requirements, it is difficult for the local chapter to locate youngsters in Northern Nevada to sponsor for the UOA Youth Rally.

The United Ostomy Association is a nonprofit support group that sponsors a special camp (youth rally) each year for youngsters with bowel and/or bladder dysfunction caused by disease, birth defects or trauma. These youngsters may have an ostomy diversion or related surgeries or may face such surgery in the future.

Medical problems and surgeries are difficult for adults, but even more traumatic for youngsters in their formative years. Ostomy surgeries (colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy) or related surgeries to divert the bowel or bladder are very difficult for young people to understand, but even more damaging to their emotional status after their bodies have been altered. Sometimes these changes to the body must be made in order for them to survive.

The youth rally usually is held in a university setting with an all-volunteer staff of ET Nurses and UOA members. The youngsters have found that they are “not alone” and find support, growth and enduring friendships at the youth rally.

The next youth rally will be from July 6-10, at the University of San Diego, Calif., and will be jam-packed with activities, trips and sharing sessions. Scholarships are available for both the registration and travel to qualifying applicants. Youngsters must be between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

If you know any youngsters who may benefit from the youth rally, you are encouraged to contact the UOA chapter in Carson Valley area. Call Betty Razor, UOA Advisor at 841-2208. In Reno/Sparks area, call Dody Gustafson, UOA Secretary at 857-4327.

Betty Razor