As We See It: Where did the time go? |

As We See It: Where did the time go?

Record-Courier opinion

Every time an outstanding educator leaves a school district, there is a dip in the learning curve. Douglas County is taking a major hit this year with the departure of 12 veterans whose combined educational experience is 245 years.

Long before we started fretting over such terms as competency and ALT scores, these teachers, administrators and staff were working their magic with our district’s children.

They pioneered reading, math, fine arts and social studies programs and developed special education and student assistance plans during the decades they served Douglas County. They worked with parents, community members and students to make school a safe and stimulating place. The number of children they influenced probably would circle the globe.

They brought dignity to their students and shared a love for learning every day they entered the classroom.

We owe a debt of gratitude to these 12 dedicated employees:

Beth Clark, Gardnerville Elementary School, 25 years; William Clark, GES, 24 years; Tom Covault, Kingsbury Middle School, 21 years; John Dorf, special services director, 21 years; Irma Erb, Douglas High School, 19 years; Jerry Falkenstein, Carson Valley Middle School, 30 years; Linda Furbee, Douglas High School, 14 years; Linda Krier, Scarselli Elementary School, 12 years; Mary Ann McNeill, Carson Valley Middle School, 18 years; Mary Ann Miller, Carson Valley Middle School, 18 years; Dave Reil, multi-school art teacher, 20 years; Sue Worthen, Jacks Valley Elementary School, 21 years.

We wish them well in their new endeavors.