As We See It: Bullying tactics |

As We See It: Bullying tactics

Record-Courier editorial

The Douglas County school board proved Tuesday night it is out to teach trustee-elect Randy Green a lesson.

With the determination of playground bullies orchestrating a lunch money shakedown, trustees voted not only to sue Green to keep him off the board, but suggested he pay for attorneys’ fees for both sides which could run as high as $10,000 to $20,000.

The maneuver looks like an effort by the board to intimidate and punish Green, who did nothing wrong by successfully exercising his right to run for public office.

The bullying tactics don’t seem to be working.

The Douglas High School government teacher refuses to give up the seat he won Nov. 7 in a landslide over incumbent John Raker pending a court decision.

Nearly 10,000 Douglas County residents elected Randy Green to the school board. They KNEW he was a teacher when they voted for him. They rejected the school district’s argument that having Green on the board would be against the law and a conflict of interest. They believe his teaching credentials are an asset, not a liability.

The argument that Green has a conflict of interest is a valid one, but while we’re resolving it, we might as well settle the question of whether spouses of teachers and retired teachers also share that conflict. Why should Green have to pay that cost himself?

Green’s attorney is working for free; if the school teacher is going to be saddled with the expenses, it seems only fair that he be allowed to insist the district be represented by the contracted, $100-an-hour attorney instead of the $225-an-hour lawyer.

Come to think of it, why should the taxpayers ever have to foot the bill for Reno attorney Robert Cox? It begs the question of whether this board is about lawyers and lawsuits or students and learning.