Article V Convention gaining momentum |

Article V Convention gaining momentum


The best thing about the Article V Convention debate is that it is causing citizens to carefully study Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Last week at the Douglas County Republican Central Committee’s County Convention, the delegates voted down a resolution (54-37) which was in support of the Article V convention application for smaller government and fiscal restraints promoted by the Convention of States Project (

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides a method for citizens through their state legislatures (instead of Congress) to propose constitutional amendments. This provision in Article V was expressly created by our founders to protect us from tyranny from our federal government.

There is such a deep and cynical distrust of politicians and governing bodies that a majority of Republican delegates at the county convention did not trust state legislatures to convene to draft constitutional amendments, such as for a balanced budget or term limits, that would restore smaller government and institute fiscal restraints. Many members of our local Republican central committee fear big money coming in and corrupting the state legislators and grassroots organizations that are working toward this Article V convention project.

Although many of our local Republicans are skeptical, this Article V Convention movement is rapidly gaining momentum across the country. If you believe like I do that we are not beyond the ability to save ourselves and our country through the constitutionally-created process known as the Article V convention, please go to and sign up for email updates.

Jeanne Shizuru