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April 23, 2020, Letters to the Editor

Scores of demonstrators gather outside the Capitol on Saturday to protest the coronavirus lockdown.
Cindy Arvayo/Special to The R-C

Re-elect Larry Walsh


Please return sanity and civility to the Board of County Commissioners. We have had a board member, Commissioner Nelson, leave a meeting that was not going his way. He just walked out. A board member had an outlandish, outburst, a tirade towards a Douglas County taxpayer, who was rightfully at the podium during public comment. (Go to http://www.taxpayerstrikeforce.com, scroll down to Engels). Many other ridiculous incidents. Return Larry Walsh to the commissioners. Through all of this nonsense, Larry has remained calm, cool and collected, as they say. A longtime resident of Douglas County, since 1991, while his opponent, Mr. Gardner, moved here three years ago, from guess where, California. Larry has served as Vice-Chair of the BOCC, Board of Directors of the Carson Valley Chamber of Commerce, and the Carson Valley Visitor Authority. It is through these agencies, he recognizes the necessities for promoting policies that bring new, vibrant businesses to the valley, as well as the importance of Tourism. If you are a regular reader of the Record-Courier, you would have seen the letter from the Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall, a Dem no less, “The tourism industry is vital to those Nevadans and Nevada businesses, whether they are located in the state’s metro areas of Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe or its rural communities.”

Please re-elect Larry Walsh to the Board of the Douglas County Commissioners.

Danna Meyer


Editor’s Note: This is Danna Meyer’s original letter. The letter published April 17 was not written by her.

Pro-growth interests affecting the Valley


Like many of you, my wife and I moved to the Carson Valley because of the slow pace, gorgeous mountain and rangeland views, conservative values, and extraordinary people. It is unquestionable the most beautiful place we’ve ever lived.

Reno, being only 55 miles away, could have been an easy option if we preferred an urban/suburban lifestyle and environment. No, it was the rural character of the Carson Valley that we found most appealing.

Unfortunately, there are special interest groups whose pro-growth policies would impair the very qualities that make the Carson Valley such a special place to live, by introducing more growth, and with it, more traffic, pollution, and crime.

Currently, we have close to 7,000 units on the books that have yet to be built. This includes the 2,500-home Park development. How long can such growth continue before haze blankets our valley, diminishing the vibrant views of the Sierra Nevada and Pine Nut Mountains, and suburban sprawl extends over the rangelands that we find so enchanting? How long before our water supply significantly dwindles?

A recent 3-2 vote by the Board of County Commissioners approved $34.25 million from RDA2 for the construction of an Events Center at Stateline. This was done prior to a vote on the fate of RDA2 in the upcoming November election and when the success of this venture is highly speculative, given the poor economic outlook and the potential psychological impact the Corona Virus may have on public events in the future.

As residents, we can do something to stop this damaging force. We can elect County Commissioners that place the needs of the people ahead of developers and casinos, who value sound water and rangeland management, conservative planned growth, fiscal restraint and transparency, and who will direct our tax dollars toward projects beneficial to the whole County. If you agree with these values, then it is important to re-elect Commissioner Dave Nelson, and bring on board candidates Walt Nowosad and Mark Gardner.

As we all know, growth is inevitable. However, it can and should be managed so that it blends in with the rural character of the Carson Valley, and not undermine it.

On a more personal note, I have gotten to know Walt this past year. I view him as a man of his word. He is a Navy Veteran who received the Vietnam Service Medal for having served four tours in the war zone. Like Dave and Mark, Walt’s vision for the Douglas County reflects, I believe, the will of the majority. Briefly, it includes following the Master Plan to keep Douglas County quiet, scenic, and rural. It also includes a strong emphasis on water conservation, the preservation and prudent management of our agricultural rangelands, “managed” versus “runaway” growth, sound use of the general fund for much-needed county projects such as improving our roads and infrastructure and sheriff facilities, and no new taxes without a vote.

For more information, please visit their websites at re-electdavenelson.com, electwaltnowosad.com, and markgardner4commissioner.com.

Bob Russo


Not really conservatives


While they may be registered as Republicans, Nelson, Gardner and Nosowad are anything but conservative Republicans. Take for example, their stance on protecting private property rights. Under the guise of keeping the Carson Valley rural, these three candidates for commissioner would sooner strip away every vested land use right from local private landowners than see one more rooftop built. It was okay that they were able to relocate here from California and find a home, but now they have to shut the door behind them.

Were they opposed to development before or after they moved here and bought a home in Douglas County? The hypocrisy of these three is bewildering. True Republican conservatives would be in support of vital economic development in their back yard rather than carrying the flag for NIMBYism.

Not every development brought before the Board of Commissioners should be approved. Some proposed projects should indeed be dead on arrival. However, these three seem to have taken a unified stance that they will vote against any and all new economic development projects. This is irresponsible and hypocritical. They have essentially taken a stance that no matter how desperately needed an economic development project is, how overwhelming its merits are, the pre-determined answer is no.

True Republicans would stand for the protection of private property rights. True Republicans would want well thought-out and planned development projects that would boost the economic vitality of Douglas County. True Republicans would want Douglas County to be a healthy and vibrant place for families to be raised. True Republicans would not say no to economic progress in Douglas County because it would result in a ten-minute drive to the store instead of a nine-minute drive through traffic. True Republicans would not just listen to and take direction from a vocal minority politically active NIMBYs, they would seek out the will of their broader constituency. Ture Republican leadership would seek out the best interests of the silent majority that are so busy making Douglas County a better place that they do not have time to be able to attend every public meeting.

True Republican leaders would be family values oriented. Individuals who care about the rising generation’s ability to return to Douglas County and raise their own families. True Republican leaders are individuals who view themselves as public servants rather than brokers of power to exude control over others. True Republican leaders will stand against the vocal minority and support vital economic development projects to preserve the tax base of Douglas County, like the Tahoe Events Center. True Republicans will listen to ALL the people and be objective in their deliberations deciding what is truly in the best interest of Douglas County as a whole. The true Republicans that fit this description in the Commission race are Larry Walsh, Danny Tarkanian and Nathan Tolbert. I know all of them personally and can attest that they are family men of the highest integrity. They want what is best for not only their own families, but for you, me and the greatest silent majority of Douglas County.

Brandon Hill


Hand-picked by the establishment


Are you comfortable that a majority of your Commissioners just pledged your taxes to back a $34.25 million bond to benefit the wealthy casino corridor? Are you in favor of the proposed 2,500 home development proposed to cover agriculture land in Minden? Want more of the same? Check out the establishment’s hand-picked slate of commissioner candidates with their assemblage of Tarkanian-Tolbert–Walsh campaign signs all around the county. Recently their signs appeared on the grounds of St. Gall Catholic Church. (Editor’s Note: Those signs weren’t there as of Wednesday). One would think a sitting commissioner would know this is not legally permitted.

Danny Tarkanian, who moved here from Las Vegas a few months ago, says he’ll preserve Douglas County’s “values, lifestyle, and culture”. That’s exactly what Commissioner Dave Nelson has been fighting for the last four years. Danny claims he will bring cooperation and order to a squabbling BOCC. But when news came out about his troubled financial past, one of his family members threatened a lawsuit against whoever brought it up. That’s peace and civility Tark style?

Then there’s Nathan Tolbert. If you want to know his positions on Douglas County’s issues, he will assure you that he’ll listen to all sides and treat you with respect. That’s all he says, leaving his positions a complete mystery.

Last, there’s Larry Walsh, who ran for office in 2016 promising to preserve the rural nature of Douglas County. Since then he’s voted for practically every building project that has come before him. His campaign literature lamely alleges that he’s kept his promises. But voting to plaster our open spaces with homes and clog our streets with traffic isn’t what he promised me, a member of his 2016 campaign team. That’s why everyone on his 2016 team now supports his challenger, Mark Gardner.

This primary will be a time of choosing. Do you want to remain a rural community or do you want to become Carson City South?

Do you want a Commission that just bet your tax dollars on RDA2; a Lakeside event center that’s doubled in price from $50 million to $100 million; its capacity lowered from 5,000 seats to 4,200 and the room night estimate revised downward from 89,000 to 55,000? Professional gamblers call that a sucker bet.

Commissioner Dave Nelson championed the sanctuary county resolution that protects our Second Amendment rights.

Mark Gardner, former Eagle Scout, mounted posse volunteer, Chair of Friends of the NRA, and Senior Services board member is against residential overbuilding. Walt Nowosad, former Senior Chief Petty Officer and Silicon Valley executive, rounds out the team that will keep Douglas County safe, sound, and rural.

Make the right choice.

Joe Ruisi


Others need to pay their fair share


Several support putting the tax burden on Douglas County taxpayers. Will the larger number of non-residents also financially help pay the $34.25 million bond for event center?

In addition, what solution does our wise Board of Commissioners — you know which three I am referring to — have planned to meet the transportation needs to get future attendees to an event center? Will Highway 50 be increased to four or more lanes and kept open year around? Other two lane roads around Lake Tahoe improved? Travel by air to the small Tahoe airport?

I am not supporting this additional tax burden when there are no solutions to transportation improvements and other non Douglas County citizens stepping up and paying their fair share for this project.

Mary Jane Harding


Thanks for the FOX News report


I want to thank Mary Bischofberger for her remarkable letter demonstrating the success of FOX news’s dogma, now propaganda, machine. Infectious diseases are preventable. COVID-19 is a new heretofore unknown variety which is particularly virulent and fatal. The risk of dying from this virus is considerably higher than from previously known flues. For now, the only means to prevent its spread is social distancing and good hygiene. If you don’t trust the vast majority of news networks, do your own research and seek out our healthcare workers who are treating those infected in our state. Talk to the people who had to watch them die.

I doubt you would consider sending your children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews out to play with someone with scarlet fever or Ebola. On a small scale, isolation would be a solution. The problem with COVID-19 besides being highly infectious and lethal, is no one knows who has it.

Asymptomatic carriers can infect numerous people and those people can infect even more. You seem to be willing to risk a pandemic by removing your mask and congregating with others. I am not.

People do die every day. Death is the endgame. Crippling the country was not done out of a desire to scare people into giving up their freedom.

It was done because there are people like you who can’t be trusted to value my life. It was a choice to value all lives over allowing an unprecedented number of preventable deaths. And by the way, CNN, NBC, and CBS have never said socialized medicine could have kept this from happening. They constantly emphasize social distancing and good hygiene as a solution. They also have reported on the inefficiency of states having to compete with each other for PPE, masks and ventilators … government working with private enterprises to save lives.

Donald Trump had an opportunity to become a great president had he coordinated need with supplies for the good of our nation. He abdicated all responsibility when he said each state was on their own, thus allowing predator companies (mainly from China) to price gouge and enrich themselves off the backs of healthcare workers and the desperately ill, and taxpayers.

He lost his chance at greatness when he choose to put his ego ahead of the nation.

As to the rest of your diatribe against Democrats, I suggest you actually converse with one to see if your beliefs align with truth. The only people I know who talk about open borders and allowing illegals to vote are Republicans accusing Democrats. I don’t know anyone who supports that ridiculous position. As to losing your freedom of religion and speech perhaps you’re confusing that with the judgments you throw around at people who disagreed with you. I wonder, do you support freedom of religion for all religions or only your own? Do you think freedom of speech applies to everyone or only to people who agree with you? Your letter does not support any confidence in that area.

Joan Costa


Media creating Coronavirus panic


I commend Mary Bischofberger for her straight forward letter about this “disease”! According to the CDC a total of 2.5 million people died in 2019 and of that number 55,000 from the flu.

Did the media create a panic then? No!

They were investigating Trump on other unfounded issues and it wasn’t an election year.

How long is it going to take for Americans to stand up for their freedoms? I hope it happens soon or we will lose more than just jobs.

I totally agree Mary, wake up people, take off the masks and act like a free America again.

Kathi Hussman


Don’t turn this to politics


As I drive through Gardnerville-Minden I am alarmed and saddened by the disruption to local businesses. Having lived in this community for most of my adult life I can visualize the faces of so many small businesses. Many were just starting to recover from the “ Great Recession “ of 2008. For now I sure hope they have received assistance from the bi-partisan CARES Act. As of today the money has run out but Congress assures us more is on the way. Unfortunately it will never be a perfect distribution of relief so what to do ? I absolutely agree that we must come up with a reasonable path forward and very soon. Compounding the dilemma is the fact that so many Nevadans are employed in the casino / tourism industry . I believe it’s correct that casinos are not eligible for federal assistance but all of Nevada’s Congressional elected officials are doing their best to help. In my view it’s commendable that Congressman Mark Amodei being a Republican went on the record over a month ago supporting Democratic Governor Sisolak, emergency management and all of the professionals who are trying to do their very best to protect us and find a path forward.

Of course people are dying all over the world and that’s just life. It’s horrific that so many are dying daily in large cities and that is not normal. We live and value our independence. This point of view that it’s my right to do as I wish is valid but can we take into consideration the welfare of others for now?

Health care and essential workers have rights too. I find it heart breaking to see doctors and nurses pleading for personal protective equipment.

It is not normal to see rows of refrigerated trucks presumably filled with dead bodies. Remember when President Trump referred to himself as the “war time president?”

It stands to reason that the health care and essential workers are the soldiers in this invisible new form of terrorism. Much has been accomplished in the past month to prepare and plan for the worst and hope for the best. The Carson Tahoe Hospital has more than doubled their patient care beds.

There’s now a FEMA tent outside to screen patients and protect staff and non COVID 19 patients. How about Renown Medical converting the parking garage into a functional hospital addition.

Policies at Costco , Raley’s, Home Depot and all of the stores we rely on to protect us and the employees are now functional. A month ago we were not prepared.

We’ve learned a lot which will help in reopening our economy and returning to some sort of “ new normal.” I find the theory that this response to the pandemic is related to loss of freedom, trying to sell a new world order, no borders or even more bizarre the Muller Report ridiculous. I’m healthy but I wear a mask shopping knowing that I may be protecting others who are at higher risk.

May I suggest that we make a special effort to thank everyone helping us.

Give a sincere thank you every time you go shopping. Ask your neighbors how their family is doing. Those of us who are financially secure might consider donating more to charities. Volunteer at the community center or food bank.

If that doesn’t appeal to you don’t complain as you will get your life back.

To our County Commissioners and all who are running for elected office I say please do not make this a partisan issue because “we are all in this together.”

Mike King