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April 2 Letters to the Editor

A rainbow streches along the base of the Carson Range north of Genoa.
kurt Hildebrand

Tarkanian: FEC Complaint and Bankruptcy

https://www.fec.gov/files/legal/murs/7415/19044454758.pdf" target="_blank">Text">https://www.fec.gov/files/legal/murs/7415/19044454758.pdf

Tarkanian et al v. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation et al

https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/4052802/Tarkanian_et_al_v_Federal_Deposit_Insurance_Corporation_et_al" target="_blank">Text">https://www.pacermonitor.com/public/case/4052802/Tarkanian_et_al_v_Federal_Deposit_Insurance_Corporation_et_al

Tarkanian’s troubled real estate deals

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Tarkanian’s Bankruptcy Case

http://dccc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FDIC-adversary-complaint.pdf" target="_blank">Text">http://dccc.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/FDIC-adversary-complaint.pdf

Tarkanian’s Nevada Bar issue

http://caseinfo.nvsupremecourt.us/public/caseView.do;jsessionid=41CFFB1E471D93B54998D31FD903961D?csIID=13049" target="_blank">Text">http://caseinfo.nvsupremecourt.us/public/caseView.do;jsessionid=41CFFB1E471D93B54998D31FD903961D?csIID=13049

Supporting Nelson


Douglas County welcomes new resident Danny Tarkanian — a failed Las Vegas politician who has lost six state and national elections and withdrew from two others. Tarkanian, just now registered to vote here, has filed to run for Douglas County Commission on a questionable peace and comity platform, claiming he knows how to straighten out our local politics.

Incredibly, Tarkanian has filed for office against Dave Nelson, the conscience of the board and champion of the voters. Dave and I led the successful initiative to make Douglas County a Second Amendment safe haven. He has pushed for financial transparency and accountability in county government to prevent more Tiregates and other insider crimes.

Commissioner Nelson has fought the irresponsible Board majority, that are in bed with the casino/developer establishment, that has voted for residential overbuilding that is clogging our streets with traffic. Nelson strongly opposed creating Redevelopment Agency No. 2, funded with taxpayer money, to help the wealthy casino corridor build an event center that the casinos could and should” pay for themselves.

Tarkanian comes with a troubled history of serious ethical concerns including an FEC complaint, issues with some of his real estate deals, a federal bankruptcy case and being fined by the Nevada Bar. Links to these are included in the letter online.

There’s more, but you get the idea. We already have an unprincipled BOCC majority that votes consistently against the will of the people. With a real chance to replace the current Board majority with quality candidates, we need Dave Nelson’s voice now more than ever in the upcoming election.

Dave Burns


Supporting Gardner


It is less entertaining than disappointing to read Kathryn Zogorski’s recapitulation of Larry Walsh’s mindless meanderings to Washington, D.C. These meanderings would be less onerous if they were in the best interests of the citizens rather than special interest groups and Park Holdings, LLC, which seemingly have an iron grip on the Board of County Commissioners Troika: Penzel, Walsh and Rice. They aren’t. Rather, these meanderings are the precipitate of broken promises by Larry Walsh, issues dogging the Larry Walsh campaign for re-election as county commissioner.

The primary issue with Larry Walsh’s campaign is integrity.

Four years ago, I met with Walsh at a campaign function in a local attorney’s office. He told me he was a staunch supporter of the master plan’s most salient provision, that of maintaining the rural nature of the county. He said the same thing in the letter he circulated to obtain campaign funds. Without investigating his background, I naively took him at his word. I donated $1,000 to his campaign and my wife and I knocked on dozens of doors campaigning for him in East Valley, Fish Springs, and the Pinenut areas. That was a tragic mistake. Had I properly investigated his background I would have learned that he had a consistent record as a member of the planning commission voting for developments.

After he was elected and I was appointed to the planning commission, Walsh sat in my kitchen and gave me a tutorial the transfer development rights. When a development proposal in Gardnerville came under consideration, Walsh sent me an email saying it would set a bad precedent not to require the developer to obtain TDRs, a conclusion I had already drawn on my own. I voted against the proposal. When the proposal came to the county commission, Walsh ignored his own admonition to me and voted for the proposal, without the requisite TDRs.

Since his election nearly four years ago, Walsh has voted for all development proposals with rare exception. He voted against the Klauber Ranch proposal by Park Holdings to build 187 homes on the Carson River flood plain. Walsh subsequently acquitted himself with Park Holdings, LLC, and their threat of a lawsuit: he voted for the ill-conceived Muller Parkway (one of the reasons he meandered to Washington).

More egregiously, Walsh voted for the ordinance to change the land use of nearly 1,000 acres in the Carson Valley from agricultural to residential and the construction of 2,500 homes. Clearly not an effort to preserve the rural nature of the county.

Walsh is making the same campaign promise he made four years ago: preserve the rural nature of Douglas County. There is more than a hint of duplicity in Walsh’s platform. His voting record is diametrically opposed to his campaign promises four years ago, the same promises he is making today. I don’t trust him.

The gut issue with Walsh’s campaign is integrity. There is an alternative where integrity is not an issue: MarkGardner4Commissioner.com

DeVere Henderson

East Valley

It’s not the virus, it’s the response


The coronavirus is not Trump’s fault but his response is. In 2018 Trump disbanded two groups formed during the Obama administration to fight the ebola crisis, one located in the White House the second in DHS. The function of these groups were to rapidly get multiple government agencies on the same page in the event of an epidemic. Trump also cut the budgets to the CDC and other public health agencies. These actions have negatively impacted our ability to response quickly and efficiently to the coronavirus.

In early 2020 the World Health Organization urged countries to start testing for the coronavirus. We did very little, we did not ask for help from the WHO for test kits, we decided to develop our own and we were slow to waive regulations to allow outside labs to develop and use their test kits for testing of the coronavirus. Even though the first known case in the United States appeared at the end of January, Trump was still out there in late February calling the coronavirus a Democratic hoax. Trump was supported in this by many of the political commentators on Fox. When the stock market had its first huge loss, Trump’s response was they were afraid a Democrat would beat him in November. Trump mocked Schumer when he suggested we may need an economic stimulus to combat the economic impact of the coronavirus. In a March 2 rally Trump was calling the coronavirus nothing worse than the flu and that vaccines would be coming soon. Both of which we know are not true. Dr. Fauci has stated, based on available data, the coronavirus is 1,000 times more contagious and 10 times more deadly than the flu and that a vaccine is 12-18 months away.

So yes, Trump is not responsible for the coronavirus but as the president of the United States he is responsible for not only our ability to response quickly and efficiently, he and his administration are supposed to provide guidance to the nation, coordinate the actions of the federal government, communicate those to the governors and to the American people. It is not a president’s job to mock a coming epidemic or huge downward slide in the stock market. The president’s job is to provide leadership and show confidence in the face of a national crisis.

Irene Rice


It all goes back to the Democrats


Letters to the editor have said this or that about President Trump, usually never sourcing their comments, often like the mainstream media which make allegations that are often untrue because they rarely report all the facts in an impartial manner.

Now, during this pandemic Democrat politicians are blaming Trump for lack of masks and ventilators. Former President Obama had a “pandemic office,” yet despite all the news about the current pandemic there is an odd avoidance for reporting the Obama administration did little or no stockpiling of masks and ventilators despite being in office for eight years. It was reported recently that when Obama declared a national emergency for H1N1 he went golfing to show there was no need to panic and the media praised him for playing golf which is ridiculous because it showed lack of seriousness of the situation. The media’s praise for the former president was often unwarranted and the Obama administration depleted the stockpile of masks but never replenished them.

The latest outrage is Speaker Pelosi claiming the president delayed taking action resulting in more deaths unchallenged by the press. For Pelosi this demonstrates such dishonesty that she is a walking and talking billboard for term limits. If the press was capable of providing accountability to politicians like Pelosi whose accomplishments are dubious we might have a vibrant democracy, instead of a sluggish democracy operating under the shade of an unreliable press to provide accountability fairly and impartially or adequately. Obama operated in a press zone of protection hiding his mediocrity and failures. President Clinton signed legislation allowing consolidation of 90 percent of U.S. news/media to be controlled by six corporations which has been a group think disaster for the nation.

Henry Pelifian


Support Silver State’s tourism jobs


Travel and tourism is an integral part of Nevada’s economy, encompassing of hundreds of businesses, from small operations to corporate entities, and employing more than 463,000 people. The tourism industry is vital to those Nevadans and Nevada businesses, whether they are located in the state’s metro areas of Las Vegas and Reno/Tahoe or its rural communities.

The unprecedented public health crisis we’re facing right now has ground travel to a halt and put the businesses and workers who rely on visitor spending in peril.

Travel Nevada exists to promote business and leisure travel to visitors around the country and the world, and those visits fuel the local economy and jobs. The travel industry businesses that contribute so much to our community, most of them small businesses, simply cannot weather this storm on their own.

Our broader industry has called on Washington to establish a fund to keep workers employed, provide emergency liquidity for travel businesses to remain open, and bulk up the Small Business Administration loan program. Congress must act today to ensure the Nevada travel industry and its 463,000 workers can sustain themselves through this painful economic period.

Please stand with Nevada’s No. 1 industry and support tourism jobs by contacting Nevada’s congressional representatives to authorize the emergency stabilization fund.

Lt. Gov. Kate Marshall

Nevada Commission on Tourism Chairwoman

Director Brenda Scolari

Nevada Department of Tourism and Cultural Affairs

Hartman left out important parts


The March 19 Hartman column about technology moving too fast for government left out a few bits of pertinent information which can be found in a Bloomberg Businessweek article he selectively cut and pasted from. The article titled “A $1 billion solar plant was obsolete before it even went online” is written by Chris Martin and Nic Querolo for Bloomberg Green. I encourage that you read this for the rest of the story that relates to the first half of Hartman’s article.

The whole reason for the government loan guarantee for green energy is to steer us away from fossil fuel combustion for our energy needs which needs to stop as soon as possible, as this is an impending problem that cannot wait for laissez-faire capitalism to catch up. I think its not a case of technology moving too fast for government, but instead government being unable to avoid supporting inept or corrupt companies entrusted to get the job done.

Paul Hedlund