Appalled at actions |

Appalled at actions


I’m appalled at the recent action taken by our county commissioners regarding members of the planning commission.

Commissioner Nancy McDermid says, “it’s time to see some fresh faces on the Board.”

Why? In the past four years I feel I have heard far less controversy about them than in any of the prior 10 years. They must have met with the approval of many of the citizens of Douglas County, so they must have been doing a good job. The prior county commissioners seem to have approved of them so why a change?

Commissioner Lynn says, “issues dealing with growth and agriculture need a different interpretation.”

Why do we need a different interpretation of the master plan? Was it that poorly conceived and written?

While the commissioners have the power to appoint, and remove, planning commission members I find it hard to accept they are acting morally and ethically in the best interests of the citizens of Douglas County by their action, and when appointing Mr. Miner to the planning commission.

So what does the appointment of Mr. Miner mean? He was voted out of office as a county commissioner, as the citizens of Douglas County were dissatisfied with his actions. He was strongly opposed to growth controls and was an advocate of redevelopment projects. Per articles in the Record-Courier he is a partner/adviser in the Clear Creek Ranch project, a Syncon adviser and a consultant to the Park Cattle Co. Could this raise a conflict of interest issue?

All of these projects, while endorsed by the business community, have received strong objections from the rest of the citizens in the valley.

Doug Johnson seems to be the only rational individual on the Board of County Commissioners.

Sanford Deyo