Apartments won’t end the world |

Apartments won’t end the world

We think Douglas County commissioners have done pretty much all they can do to provide an opportunity for affordable housing.

While we agree Carson Valley is in desperate need of some way for people who work here to live closer to their jobs, we’ve never believed the government is the answer.

All we want from the powers that be is for them to establish a level playing field, and the change in zoning to convert what was a casino to apartments was a good call in the long run.

According to the master plan, nearly 55 percent of the people who work in Douglas County commute from other communities.

Maybe, just maybe, if some of those folks were able to live in Carson Valley instead of having to live someplace else, we could get them and their cars off Highway 395.

We feel that could be a benefit for all Carson Valley residents.

And if those folks could live here, maybe they’d shop here. Perhaps at some point, Minden could support an actual grocery store, which would further reduce traffic up and down Minden and Gardnerville.

Folks have argued that more apartments could bring more crime to the Valley, and that’s definitely a possibility.

Where better to have those apartments than in the shadow of the sheriff’s office? Having folks rent space in the fringe ares of Carson Valley doesn’t really help.

We don’t own a crystal ball, so we can’t tell what will happen in the future, but we hope the housing market will balance out.