Animal control officer hangs up big net |

Animal control officer hangs up big net

Douglas County said farewell to Janet Duzan last week with a proclamation and a standing ovation.

Janet worked for Douglas County Animal Services for a quarter of a century, spending the last decade as animal services officer.

She and husband Ted Duzan met on a call when he was an investigator in 1998.

I covered the 2014 case when a litter of puppies turned up positive for rabies, the first instance of that happening in 20 years in Nevada. I remember interviewing her and the family as health officials tried to work out how to deal with something that certainly we’d never had to deal with.

■ ■ ■

I may have been in the room when a rollicking discussion on how to keep Ted from leaving the constable’s office resulted in his being briefly handcuffed to a doorknob.

It was all in good fun, and I’m definitely invoking Nevada’s shield law should anyone decide otherwise.

I would say Ted taught me how to shoot, but that might imply that I was in some way teachable.

He was the one who showed photographer Shannon Litz and I the virtual judgmental use of force simulator. I remember Shannon being a crack shot. My guy on the other hand wouldn’t go down. Ted described my shooting style as “throwing bullets.”

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