And they’re off |

And they’re off

With all the announcements, you’d think candidates were actually signing up for office, but that process didn’t begin until Monday morning.

Filing for nonjudicial candidates lasts two weeks until March 16.

We contend that Douglas County is home to more elected officials per capita than any other place in Nevada, and this year features a brand new elected body, the East Fork Fire Protection District Board.

With 23 elected taxing district boards, there could be upward five-dozen open seats in the county. Those seats range from countywide offices such as county commission and school board to the Marla Bay General Improvement District, which saw 96 votes cast in the 2016 general election.

Fortunately, not all of those offices show up on everyone’s ballot.

The two-week filing period in March was designed to reduce the campaign season, but we don’t really see that happening.

There was a time when filing ran from January to July, and The R-C would make hopefuls actually file before we’d do a story. Now someone dashes off a press release in October and that pretty much starts the race.

With local partisan races decided in the primary, the next three months are going to be a rough ride. Political campaigns are not fluffy kitten videos. Very few people come away with a warm feeling after watching a hard-fought campaign.

We wish the candidates and voters the best of luck over the next few months. Try to remember we still all have to live together after the dust settles.