An American socialist |

An American socialist

Jennifer Jenkins


William Barwig, in his letter published on Feb. 27, implies that those who are socialist or misinformed are not “true” Americans. He also implies that the only people who are true patriots are those who are against a big government. I was completely offended by this.

A patriot is one who loves their country and is willing to defend it, not necessarily fight for their country.

A true American is any citizen. I am a true American, a fierce patriot, and I am a socialist. I am thankful that, in my country, I am allowed to have these views, express them, and even vote for them.

Mr. Barwig implies that I am not a “true” American because I am socialist. I am a patriot and an American. I want the best government for our citizens and I believe socialism is the best government we can have. I want the best for my country. While my ideas of what is best may differ from others’ ideas, I still want what is best.

Just because we disagree on political opinions does not mean either one of us is less American or less patriotic.

Time to redefine your definitions, 237 years ago 30 percent of the population fought for my right to have these opinions, express them, and try to influence my government to put my opinions to work.

They obviously believed I was a true American. Mr. Barwig, since you are so fond of them and what they did for us, why don’t you?