Americans have grown soft |

Americans have grown soft

Gary Griffith


Our president has said that Americans have grown soft. I tend to agree with him.

We were soft when we looked on as our Judeo-Christian principles and cultural norms were eroded in the name of political correctness. We were soft when we allowed a minority to cause the near eradication of prayer, crosses, and the mere mention of God in our schools. We were soft when the display of the nativity scene at Christmas was abolished because it might offend someone.

We were soft when programs, designed to be lifelines for our less fortunate, evolved into massive entitlement programs, fraught with waste, fraud and abuse, thus cultivating generations of welfare recipients.

We were soft when we allowed our government to decide that not offending anyone, as we sent our youth off to war with one hand tied behind their backs, was more important than having rules of engagement that protected them and ensured victory. These policies were not only reckless but they served to undermine our respect around the world.

We were soft when Congress demanded that banks lend money to people who could not afford to pay it back, resulting in the housing bubble and subsequent crash.

We were soft when the government wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on bailouts of, and subsidies to, private sector businesses which should have been allowed to fail and declare bankruptcy.

We were soft when our government refused to take the hard steps necessary to reform Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid programs, all desperately in need of fiscal restructuring.

We were soft when our government instituted programs to search citizens at airports in the name of security, but refused to secure our borders, where untold thousands of illegals enter the country, and then sued States that tried to secure their own borders.

We were soft when we listened to the government hypocritically denounce businesses for using tax “loopholes” which they, the government, created intentionally for that purpose.

We were soft when we watched the Executive branch of government usurp the authority of Congress by issuing Executive Orders and appointing bureaucrats and agencies to rule by directive rather then legislation.

We were soft when we looked on as our government recklessly spent money it didn’t have, on programs that didn’t work, driving the country into the deepest financial debt and deficit in history.

We were soft when our government disguised revenue raising schemes, in the form of increased “fees” on everything from airline tickets to veterans health benefits, as “job creation”.

Yes, I agree with the President. We have indeed become way too soft. Fortunately we have thirteen months to get back into shape, toughen up, and demand that our government do the same. Call, write and e-mail your elected representatives and demand that they return honor, courage and integrity back to government so that we can once again be the proud leader of the free world. Demand that they once again listen to “We the People.”