All-day kindergarten a progressive plot |

All-day kindergarten a progressive plot


There are so many reasons I think this country may be doomed, and all-day kindergarten is just one more.

To have all-day kindergarten is a sure way that the government can get their filthy hands on little children to begin indoctrination into secular progressive thinking.

Young parents who are ignorant and have little information of politics have no idea what this plan is. They may even think “yippee, all-day free day care.”

What good reason to have all-day kindergarten except No. 1 to begin the indoctrination as early as possible especially while daycare may be needed, No. 2, to take parental rights and control away from parents who either won’t, don’t, or can’t care less about their children, and No. 3 to help the stupid unions further their evil motives, and keep their jobs?

Give me one good reason why this secular progressive movement has to begin so early? Just one.

I am so glad I may not be around when these children grow up.

Thank you God for private education and possible the voucher system. Watch the government fight this one. They and celebrities, of course, have the freedom to be hypocrities and send their children to private schools.

Rosamond Moranville