Airport Road light the easy fix |

Airport Road light the easy fix

News that the county and state are talking about the possibility of a traffic light at Airport Road and Highway 395 was far beyond what we could have hoped for.

Douglas County Senior Engineer Jeff Foltz agrees with many other Carson Valley commuters that the intersection is a dangerous one and begs for a solution.

Moving the right turn lane east 12 feet seems an unnecessarily expensive complication when the easy solution, the least expensive solution and, yes, the quickest solution is to set up a traffic light at the intersection.

Not only would it reduce the danger of a severe accident at the intersection, it would save the taxpayers money.

County officials on county business are required by code to go north on Heybourne to Johnson Lane and make a left turn at the light. School buses headed south on Highway 395 from the district’s yard follow the same route, 180 days out of the year.

Add up all those extra miles traveled for safety’s sake over the course of a few years, and a traffic light will have more than earned its keep.

The Nevada Department of Transportation is examining the intersection, and hopefully conditions there will be sufficient to meet their requirements for a traffic signal.