Airport Road doesn’t need a traffic signal |

Airport Road doesn’t need a traffic signal


Here we go again with the kneejerk reaction to another bad wreck involving someone crossing or attempting to enter Highway 395.

The solution. Another stupid traffic light on a 65 mph highway. There are two sides to every story. How many more rear end collisions will it take at the traffic lights that already exist before someone decides to remove them? Sound familiar? Another young woman tragically lost her life (October 2009) as a result of rear-ending a semi truck that was stopped or beginning to accelerate at the Stephanie light.

I didn’t see anyone crying to have that light removed. The northbound lanes of the highway at the Johnson Lane light are literally paved with rubber from people having to slam on their brakes.

The county mandate of having the buses and other vehicles use the Johnson Lane light is 100 percent correct. That should’ve been the case for the Stephanie folks as well. And now the cry for another stupid traffic light at Airport Road. You’d better account for a truck lane also, because just about the time those 80,000 pound rigs get through shifting 10 or more gears, they’ll have to stop at yet another traffic light. Then more gears; another traffic light. Imagine the road rage behind you if you don’t have a truck or SUV that does zero to 65 in 4.6 seconds.

If we’re going to do this, let’s really fix this highway right. Let’s lower the speed limit to 35 mph, and put stupid traffic lights at Ironwood, Muller Lane, Airport Road, Genoa Lane, on to Johnson Lane, then to Stephanie, South Sunridge (this one is coming) and on up the hill to Mica. Ridiculous. Accidents happen and most could be avoided if drivers just paid better attention.

Traffic lights (one too many) already exist on Highway 395.

If you don’t feel safe pulling out from Airport Road, do the rest of us and the truckers a favor and go the short distance to Johnson Lane and use the light that already exists.

Oh, and it is not a cop out to say that these lights are not the county commissioners decision; it is a fact. It is a State of Nevada, Department of Transportation matter. And since no one wants to pay taxes, we all know how flush they are. If anything is to be done, they should repave this highway before it turns back into a dirt road.

Greg Worms