Airport Road accidents |

Airport Road accidents


The fact there have been so many accidents at that intersection, has been puzzling to me. Most accidents occur during daylight and good weather. Mostly, I read the person has stated their vision was obstructed by large vehicles traveling northbound as they were attempting to make a left turn from Airport Rd into the southbound traffic lane of 395. If a persons vision is obstructed, why would you drive into an obstructed view area? Don’t you wait till it is unobstructed and clear before moving into the southbound lane? Are you a defensive driver or are you playing Russian Roulette with yourself, your passengers and others on the road?

In order to use the privilege of a driver’s license, you are supposed to show responsible driving for yourself and others on the roadways. One of those ways is by using common sense and laws to navigate the roads. Moving your vehicle when your vision is obstructed is a “no no.” You need to wait till you have clear vision before driving your vehicle across oncoming traffic. The key words being “obstructed” as opposed to “clear” vision.

In my estimation, to continually add signal lights on a highway, indicates we are no longer responsible drivers who are able to make good decisions and choices while driving.

We complain about new laws for guns, immigration and other issues. Perhaps we have become a society that is no longer able to make good decisions without a law to enforce it.

I am aware county and school employees are instructed to drive north to Johnson Lane if needing to make a left turn for safety. That too, shows people are not willing to wait till they have clear vision to make the left turn. So, to protect their employees and others, they made that request.

Are we impatient of circumstances? Maybe we need to stop and smell the roses, leave earlier so we have the time to wait for clear vision, or just respect life and others, drive defensively, slow down. Those are all good words to use while driving on our roads no matter what road or intersection.

School will be out soon and even more people on our roads. Please, be wise and remember to respect the rules, your vehicle and others. Don’t use alcohol or drugs and concentrate on driving. I use these roads and wish to stay safe. Accidents will be very costly, financially and emotionally, life changing and possibly fatal.

Beverly Giannopulos