Airport has value |

Airport has value


I would like to weigh in on the value of the Minden airport. I am a pilot, own an airplane, rent a hangar here. I fly my plane both for business and pleasure. It is one of the reasons I keep working, as it is an enjoyment to me and my friends and a great way to travel, not at all unlike some of the motor homes and various other RVs that many in this valley own. I do not call them wealthy fat cats. Some of these land yachts cost more than a nice small plane and get way less fuel economy. I also use the plane to visit customers in California as well as other parts of the West where airline travel is inconvenient and more expensive.

One reason I moved to this Valley is the airport. I not only moved myself, but another half dozen employees and hired another 20 plus from the local labor pool. None of these are pilots besides myself. If not for the airport, my company would be located somewhere else, along with the employees. If the airport is closed, I will move the company again.

Norm Hartz