Airport contributes to our economy |

Airport contributes to our economy


I had to respond to Mr. Van Dien’s letter to the editor Sept. 15. His allegations that the “users are too stingy to maintain their own airport without federal money” is grossly incorrect.

When aircraft operators buy fuel, they pay federal taxes on the fuel purchases. That money is set aside for maintenance of the transportation infrastructure (airports). This money is available through a federal grant system to maintain our transportation system, essentially we are getting our taxes paid back.

The airport is a tool and a resource for commerce, emergency services, firefighting, disaster response, and medical transport, to name a few. Minden Airport is self-supporting, has a positive economic impact of over 100 jobs and 22 businesses. The airport’s presence generates $47 million in local economic impact for Douglas County.

Vote “yes” on Question 1. The Airport is a contributor to our community. The vitality of Douglas County is tied to a healthy airport.

Arnold Peterson