Against airport ordinance |

Against airport ordinance


“Enough. Stop all the bickering and take charge of our airport?” Are you yelling at your children? The “handful of the same noisy objectors who specialize in befuddling this issue and others” are the people, the citizens who passed the original airport ordinance.

The ordinance which has been ignored and subverted by county commissions, county management, and airport management since it was passed.

“This is not in any sense about growth control?” I beg to differ. “Build it and they will come.” I do agree that we need to “put the control of the airport’s future back into the hands of the citizens.” I also agree that “It is time to get this situation straightened out.” But that happens by voting “No” not “Yes” on the currently proposed ordinance.

Maybe Tony Sabino made a big mistake by asking or demanding the county to buy out his business. But that means he was just trying to get out of the way of the steamroller; it does not mean he is wrong about the loopholes in the proposed airport ordinance. Quoting another pro letter, “A bad law is a bad law, period.” Maybe the current law can be improved, maybe by not ignoring it. But the proposed new ordinance would be a “bad law.” “They don’t argue the facts?” Not one of the pro group has answered any questions of fact regarding loopholes and questionable weight studies that any of the “befuddling noisy objectors,” including Tony Sabino, have made. I voted early with my “No.”

Charles Gillies