Affordable housing important |

Affordable housing important

Nowhere do the rules of supply and demand become more obvious than when it comes to housing.

We’re hearing about a serious housing shortage in Reno due to the arrival of the big Tesla plant and all the associated firms.

While most of the Tesla effect has not arrived in Carson Valley yet, there is a most definite shortage in rentals available for residents.

We understand that most people living in the Valley would sooner see a hog farm next door than an apartment building, but there are areas of Gardnerville and Minden’s central core that call for the need for reasonably priced rentals.

Gardnerville has centrally available services from gasoline to groceries, farmers markets to pharmacies. The county’s largest park is located in Gardnerville, as are the community and senior center, skatepark and several other things that would attract young families.

And it is those young families who supply the labor force the Carson Valley needs to keep its wheels turning.

Whether it’s serving meals to residents living in more outlying areas, or working in other areas to provide affordable services, those residents require places they can afford to live.

Just as importantly, if people can afford to live and work in central Carson Valley, that means they are not adding appreciably to the traffic leaving Carson Valley to work.

It means they aren’t commuting to get here from more affordable places, either.

There are still a lot of blank spaces near downtown Gardnerville where apartments won’t affect more affluent neighbors and will provide us with the labor pool we require to move into the future.