Adventures in county marketing |

Adventures in county marketing

R-C Editorial Board

Douglas County hopes to capitalize on its natural splendor in an effort to draw not just those who climb mountains, but also those who cater to mountain climbers.

Of course mountain climbing is just one category among adventure tourists and the industry that supports them the county is looking to attract.

Using social media like Facebook and Twitter, the county is working on bringing clean industries to town.

If those industries happen to be related to adventure tourism, then so much the better.

With unemployment in the county holding steady at 15 percent, we’re happy to see some activity on behalf of the employment pool.

We know that with patience, a little investment now in trying to attract a kayak manufacturer or someone who makes pitons could result in a profitable partnership for the county and its residents.

We love living here, and we know that there are firms that will thrive here.

Not just because they enjoy making things for adventure tourists, but because they enjoy using them as well.