Adding some extra green to the Valley |

Adding some extra green to the Valley

Minden’s plan to landscape the state right-of-way at the junction of highways 88 and 395 the day after Genoans reviewed plans for their downtown seems like a confluence of sorts.

We agree with both towns that something should be done, and both seem to have the wherewithal to accomplish some sprucing up.

The Minden Gateway Center lot is an eyesore for anyone coming into town and anything that can be done should be. The good news is that someone has purchased the site and plans on building there.

The question for Genoa is a little more subtle. The town has a pretty hefty tourist draw now by Carson Valley standards. The Courthouse Museum attracts visitors at a higher rate than its cousin in Gardnerville. The state park manages to support a museum thanks to its tourist traffic.

We have no objection to plans to bury power lines in town. By the looks of some of those poles, there’s a chance a good wind storm could bring a couple down, so there’s a safety issue.

Improving parking in town, both in terms of organization and number of spaces, could only enhance the tourist experience.

But plans in progress now will significantly alter the town’s appearance. We’re pleased to hear from the Destination Genoa folks that their goal is to preserve the town’s historical significance. That should be the overriding factor in any project in Nevada’s oldest town.