Acoustic Solution makes music in the Valley |

Acoustic Solution makes music in the Valley

Sharlene Irete

by Sharlene Irete

Acoustic Solution is an all-singing, all-playing family band with a collection of instruments that could fill a music store. The band is Gardnerville residents John Andrews, his wife Wendy, and John’s son Seth, who have been playing together as Acoustic Solution since 2003.

Whether they’re on a stage, in a coffeehouse or in an outdoor venue, Acoustic Solution creates a colorful, tie-dyed, Renaissance fair-inspired set. The Andrews decorate the performance area with part of their collection of six- and 12-string guitars, electric bass, bouzouki, keyboards, congas, mandolins, banjo, violin, drums and percussion instruments. John uses his graphic arts background to create signs and artwork for the band’s website.

“From a visual standpoint it gives an acoustic, eclectic impression. It gives an idea of where we’re headed,” said John.

The name of Acoustic Solution’s new CD, “Bakersfield, Ireland,” gives an idea of where the band is headed with their music – from Bakersfield to Ireland. They play folk, traditional and Celtic music, and covers by Crosby, Stills, and Nash, the Allman Brothers, Bob Dylan and the Grateful Dead. Their 200 to 300 song repertoire includes many of their original songs.

The Andrews have lived in Gardnerville since 1993. John’s been a musician since he hit the road in a rock band a couple years after graduating from high school in Southern California in 1972. He played with Johnny and the Rebels at Eddie’s Fabulous ’50s in Reno in late ’90s.

Wendy plays fiddle and mandolin, and plays violin in the Carson City Symphony. Seth is a 2002 Douglas High School graduate. He sings and plays guitar, keyboards, drums and percussion.

And like just about any other musician, the members of the Andrews family each have at least one day job: John’s worked at J&R Environmental Services for 14 years, Seth does maintenance at Minden Emergent Care and is a licensed massage therapist, and Wendy is in charge of keeping the family business going.

“We run it as a small business,” Wendy said. “You have to consider if you have enough inflow to keep it rolling. And just like any other business, we pay taxes and it keeps the community going.”

John said it’s the paying jobs that support the gigs they play for free. Playing in a band is a challenge from the standpoint of earning an income, and that it’s important to support local arts and music.

“We’re part of a larger group of local musicians like Beth and Larry Nair of Ten Dollar Pony, and Russel Ketenjian. We’re happy to go out to see them,” said John. “And we’re grateful for the people who show their support of us, and to the places of business that support the arts. We like to think we’re a positive contribution to that.

“Just like they say on the airlines, ‘You could have flown with anyone, so thank you for flying Acoustic Solution.'”

Besides Carson Valley and Genoa, Acoustic Solution has played in Carson City, Virginia City, Reno, Markleeville and Lone Pine, Calif. They play 7:15-9:30 p.m. Jan. 28 at 88 Cups & Tea, 1663 Lucerne St. in Minden Village.

Check out their play dates and their “Bakersfield, Ireland” CD and “Acoustic Solution at the Deepest Valley Theater” DVD at

Music is:

Wendy: “Music is inspiration and healing to me. I always learn something from concerts. You know your own limitations, but we can impart something. It’s an educational thing, and that’s what I like – to learn something. Music is a catalyst that brings people together to enjoy it.”

Seth: “Music is an enjoyable outlet. It’s awesome to use music as a way to stay close together as a family. I have friends who lost touch with their parents, so I’m glad we have the way to do something as a family.”

John: “Music is a happy means of self-expression. The creator has given us the gift of music that draws us together. We provide something where people can bring their family.”