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A Small Look at Men and Women

by Laura Brunzlick, R-C Staff Writer

We use a magnifying mirror and really zoom in. They are content with a casual glance at themselves from a long distance away.

Yet another difference between women and men.

There isn’t a single man on the face of the earth who has bought a magnifying mirror for himself. Perhaps Liberace did, but that’s a different topic.

Men are simply more forgiving of themselves when it comes to their personal appearances. They see the overall picture when they look in the mirror; not a collage of body parts ripe (or not so ripe) for criticism.

Local comedienne Kat Miller summed it up during an August performance at the Carson Valley chamber’s annual awards dinner.

“When we (women) look in the mirror, we perform surgery on ourselves,” she joked. “A little off here, a little off there,” she said, tugging at those pesky love handles and the padding that graces hers and most women’s hips.

Ain’t it the truth?. (Alright, be honest. Who hasn’t done that)?

That is, who among the female gender hasn’t.

Men, on the other hand, although increasingly aware of their looks, tend to accept their bodies more.

When their hair turns gray it brings them a dignified look. Heck, even if they loose their hair they can turn it into a fashion statement, following the lead of movie stars Vin Diesel or Patrick Stewart.

Anti-cellulite creams are marketed to women, not men. Yet, even if we are lucky enough to not have cottage cheese on the backs of our thighs, most of us find several reasons for not wearing a revealing bathing suit.

How are we imperfect? Let me count the ways. From inexcusable wrinkles, spider veins and stretch marks, where there is a body part there is a flaw.

For every imperfection, there is a cream or lotion (or Botox injection) to bring us closer to gorgeous.

Such standards are a curse to anyone with half a brain.

Without realizing it, many women have accepted this curse and don’t question its utility.

Studies indicate a preoccupation with looks starts early for females. Many pre-teenage girls are on a diet. I don’t recall reading statistics showing pre-teen boys are obsessed with their weight.

Sure there are a lot of obese people of all ages walking around, but lots of young girls think they’re fat because they don’t wear a size 3.

Maybe the painter Rubens and his ample women will inch closer to the ideal for women one day, beating out models in Vogue Magazine, but until that fine day, we can all walk around thinking we are fat.

Dirty word, fat. Feared nearly as much as public speaking.

Having the oversized and over-the-top Anna Nicole Smith show on television would be a silver lining were she not so obnoxious. Watching her show is like watching a traffic accident – You can’t seem to pull yourself away.

Many men complain about having to shave their face every day. Try fighting off bad hair days as most women do several times a week. Since we tend to have longer hair than men, this means more hassle fixing it in the morning.

A wash and wear haircut can do wonders, but being a man would be even better in terms of saving time.

How can you have a bad hair day with a crew cut?

I’m afraid the only uplifting news, aside from the trend toward tummy tucks and breast augmentation, is that we can all choose to accept ourselves physically, within reason, and be happy with what we have.

Easier said than done, but hey, it’s worth a try.

I’ll give it a shot after I run thirty two flights of stairs, complete a triathalon and finish my Slimfast milkshake.

n Laura Brunzlick is a reporter who can only hope to go gentle into that good night when wrinkles start making an appearance.