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A simple statement misconstrued


Boy, how one simple statement can get so misconstrued. Mr. Wheeler was simply using an example which was something we’d not ever want a vote on these days and I can certainly think of some other unsavory examples he could’ve used which would’ve stirred more people up.

I thought Kelly Kite was out of order in his earlier accusations of Mr. Wheeler as Kite is certainly not one who can claim to have a lily white past. Just one example was back in 2005 when a development was proposed by Kim Posnien, this was on Fuller in back of Piñon Hills Elementary School.

The big push by Kite was that there is so much flooding in this area — this we questioned then and still do as we’ve not seen any flooding in 12 years.

To get the county commissioners to OK the development Posnien agreed to put in a retention pond in back of the school; this was to make it OK that most of the lots did not make the 1 acre size — this so they could squeeze more very odd shaped lots in to our thinking.

A hearing was held to which the local residents were invited and there were complaints, but we found by asking one of the commissioners that it was already a “done deal.”

I am pretty sure how Kite voted on that one and wasn’t he lucky not to have to deal with all the dust, truck noise and all while they connected a road through the development.

Not one house was ever built and we all hope Posnien lost his drawers on that one.

Added to Kite’s comments was Heller and Sandoval; Heller certainly has no call as he’s said things so that he never gets my vote and Sandoval could be heading that way.

Speaking of Sandoval, I was very surprised he’d sign a bill allowing noncitizens drivers licenses.

No, I’m not in favor especially as in none of what I read did I ever see where it required them to have insurance.

That would be a first requirement in my mind.

Judy DeRyke