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A road by any other name

Should county commissioners reserve dollars for things that are in their jurisdiction, though we know that residents living in more urban areas are paying higher taxes?

Aren’t those residents living in the towns and improvement districts paying a higher tax rate to have decent roads and civilized services?

They are indeed, but we don’t believe that abrogates the county of its responsibility to find a means to pay for those things they are required by law to provide.

While there may be a differentiation between regional and local for thoroughfares here, they are all county roads. In fact, when the Gardnerville Ranchos Improvement District argued it should own the roads it maintains, the county said no. All roads in Douglas County are the county’s responsibility, it just turns some over to the districts and towns to maintain.

Someone could argue that the more urban areas of Douglas County are easier to police because the population is closer together.

Does that mean the county should with draw law enforcement from the rural areas, because those taxpayers should be paying more? Should prosecutors and the courts stop dealing with cases that occur outside the developed areas of the county?

We don’t think so.

It doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that most of the county’s voters live in its urban centers.

But those locations’ voters have not historically shown they vote their self-interest, despite the fact they pay the highest tax rates in the county.

If they did, those entities might not exist at all.