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A real American


I am an American. Maybe I have a greater appreciation of this country and our Declaration of Independence and Constitution then many because I have a long family history in this country. My family tree reaches back into merry ol’ England to the 1300s.

My ancestors were among the earliest immigrants to this country. Samuel Terry arrived on these shores in 1650 as a bond servant. He was an apprentice to a man who taught him how to weave fine linen. His relatives and mine lived, and fought through the War of Independence, and fought on the side of the North during the Civil War.

I was taught as a young man how precious what our founding fathers created was, unique in the world. The idea that “We the People” own and have the right to self government, the fact that government in America was limited and this was our liberty from government. That the more power we allow government to have, the more tyrannical government becomes.

All the way through the Civil War this system worked pretty well. We then begin to lose our way. We fought our Civil War over the issue of slavery and states rights. This was the beginning of the tyranny we face today.

The next big issue was the creation of the federal reserve system. This is big business and big government in a partnership. Our founding fathers warned of this.

People like Jefferson and Madison warned us of big money interest, the money changers. They new what had gone on in England after the creation of “The Bank of England” in 1694 also known as “The Central Bank of Europe.” This was a partnership between the Rothschild’s and Warborg’s and the banks of Europe, these families were the big bankers of England and Germany.

I understand how those of you who do not have a family history are ignorant of these facts. Our schools fail miserably in educating the populace about these facts. Is it by incompetence or by design. I encourage all who read this to dig in and learn about our great country, that our Constitution is precious and needs to be defended. It has been amended to take out those things that were racist, it may have been flawed in this area, but today we need this document to be fully enforced.

Dave Nelson