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A new year brings new hope

An even blanket of snow greeted Carson Valley residents on New Year’s Day, the perfect metaphor for the blank slate that is 2011.

With 2010 behind us, we can look forward to the coming year with hope.

As one wise Gardnerville resident said on Monday, “There’s no other direction to go.”

We look forward to the energy that a new slate of elected officials will bring to their positions.

As chilly as it is, we find the cold bracing and look toward Jobs Peak, covered in white and framed by the pale blue sky, for reassurance that no matter how bad things got during 2010, it stood as silent witness to our resolve.

Many have suffered during the past year, perhaps not as greatly as the biblical figure who shares a name with out most famous peak, but suffered nonetheless.

Bankruptcies and foreclosures littered the financial landscape during the past year.

But we know that having survived 2010, we are stronger and more united in the common cause.

Our trials during 2010 will prepare us for victories in 2011 and beyond.