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A new low?


Last Wednesday, Lynn Muzzy really stooped to an all-time low in his usual right-wing diatribe, attacking Douglas High School students who are trying to help those less fortunate than themselves. He accuses the high school’s chapter of Amnesty International of “indoctrinating” the other students with anti-Semitism because the national organization had the temerity to criticize Israel for “disproportionate” responses to some of the attacks it has withstood.

Mr. Muzzy, have you even researched this club before attacking it? It consists of about a dozen students. What radical left-wing activities do they promote? They sew tote bags and bake cookies to raise money. And what do they use these ill-gotten gains for?

Well, last year they raised $300, which they used to obtain solar cookers from the Jewish Foundation. And what did they do with these subversive devices? They donated them to women in Africa so that they could boil water without having to collect firewood.

Why, you might ask, would our students do such a terrible thing, depriving these women of the exercise they might get gathering firewood?

Because of the rape gangs that roam the areas outside the confines of the villages. These solar cookers allow them to purify the water (and cook food) without having to risk assault, rape and possible death.

These teenagers are trying to make the world a better place.

They are trying to love their neighbors as they love themselves. I wonder what subversive gave them that idea?

By the way, I happen to know the vice-president of the local club. She is almost 17, a senior who hopes to major in psychology in college and she is Jewish. She is my daughter and I am very proud of her.

Dale A. Zusi