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A huge Douglas County tax increase

Stuart Posselt, Minden


The Douglas County commissioners recently raised our East Valley sewer rates by 29.2 percent and our monthly fixed water charge by 57 percent plus substantial increases in the usage rates.

The basis for these increases is for “the operation of the system,” i.e. administrative costs.

First, these sewer and water increases suck over $28,374.48 plus per month from the Douglas County economy and reduce discretionary spending causing lower tax revenues, more unemployment followed by more foreclosures. How does this benefit the county?

Secondly, these increases merely switch the administrative costs from the general fund to the users thereby padding the general fund. Where will all that money go? Into more wage increases?

I think all elected officials should be required to attend and pass a course in Economics 100.

Due to this devious action this is nothing more than a big tax increase. They are doing this for all the various county water and sewer districts which means this is a huge “tax increase” for Douglas County.

All this makes me think our commissioner are nothing more than a bunch of Democrats.