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A good Walmart story


If you ever hear negative comments about WalMart, please dismiss them by remembering our story.

Last week, my 94-plus-year-old mother wanted to do some shopping, and although I was somewhat leery about her being able to do it, I went along with her since I had bronchitis and couldn’t do it myself.

I drove her to the WalMart on Topsy Lane and the plan was for me to wait in the car for her so I wouldn’t annoy other shoppers with my persistent cough.

When a woman I didn’t know came up to the car and asked, “Are you Sue?”

I knew immediately something was terribly wrong.

She led me to my mother in the store, explaining that mom was having a difficult time breathing and couldn’t stand up.

When we got to her, she was surrounded by several WalMart employees, all of whom were doing whatever they could to put her at ease.

They had called 911 and told me the paramedics would be there shortly, and they were.

The store manager, Jenny, was on top of everything. Her concern was so genuine I was really moved.

She not only offered to have one of her staff complete mom’s shopping list if we wanted, but she had them bag the groceries and told me they would take them out to the car when we were ready.

In the meantime, the paramedics had taken mom’s vitals and were so wonderful to her, I can’t praise them enough.

There were also several shoppers who helped mom throughout this ordeal, including the wonderful lady who found me in the parking lot (how she managed that I’ll never know).

I wish I had everyone’s name, but since I don’t, I hope they read your editorials and know how much we appreciate all they did for us.

Mom didn’t want to be transported to the hospital, so the paramedics gave me detailed instructions on where to take her and how to get there.

Our “adventure” ended with the paramedics taking mom to our car, along with those wonderful WalMart employees who did indeed bring out our groceries.

And the icing on the cake? Jenny (store manager) called us the next day just to see how mom was doing.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you who were there for us. How blessed we are to be living in such a wonderful, caring community.

Sue Ewald