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A few questions

letter to the EDITOR:

I have been reading all the articles in The Record-Courier about controlling the growth in Douglas County. I find it very interesting that all the special-interest groups and the elected officials want to do is attack the “Sustainable Growth Group.” Do they really think that all 5,060 voters who signed the initiative fell off the “Turnip Truck” and don’t understand what is really going on?

Most of us are from California and have seen what growth has done in our areas and we moved here to get away from this and have a peaceful retirement. I find it most interesting that they claim our taxes will go up if the growth is controlled, but in my reasonable mind I can not understand this because if we don’t have all these houses built and all this increased population, we won’t need all these services will we?

They also are blaming the Sustainable Growth Initiative for increasing the prices of houses in the area and the initiative hasn’t even been voted on as of yet so how can that be?

Since taxpayers will be asked to pay for future growth by increased taxes, we should have the right to vote on this issue in November. I for one am tired of having all the power of future development in the votes of three of five commissioners.

B. Anderson


Aug. 10