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A few lingering questions

John O'Neill, Carson Valley Violin School

Well, the election’s finally over … I think (haven’t checked the news for the past half-hour), but the questions remain:

Why don’t more Americans exercise their right to vote? Is a 190-vote plurality in a state noted for its political corruption enough to cancel a near quarter million vote plurality nationwide? What did Governor Bush’s spokesman, James Baker, mean when he said: “It’s time for the will of the people to prevail.”? Doesn’t the Electoral College negate the rule of “one man (person), one vote?”

Shouldn’t it be abolished or, at least, modified to reflect the true “will of the people” as indicated by the popular vote? Will we have to wait for the 2002 congressional elections to find out who really won? Why don’t more Americans exercise their right to vote? Who tried to steal the election and did they succeed? Is it really impossible to have an accurate count of all votes cast? Is it OK for a county to design a unique ballot that could be easily misinterpreted by supporters of a particular candidate and thus be disqualified?

Why can’t we have one form of ballot nationwide? Isn’t it odd that the voter registration records of a large number of minority voters disappeared between the time they were permitted to vote in the primaries and the time they were denied the opportunity to vote in the general election? Why don’t more Americans exercise their right to vote?

Should the news media be allowed to project a winner while voters are still making their way to the polls? Is it still possible, as I was told in grade school, for anyone in America (in retrospect, white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant, male) to grow up and become president? Was it ever possible? Or, should only wealthy attorneys and oilmen apply? Why don’t more Americans exercise their right to vote?

Shouldn’t we have all cringed with embarrassment when supporters of both candidates converged on the United States Supreme Court Building acting like prepubescent cheerleaders? Did anyone not tire of all the sanctimonious rhetoric and self-righteous posturing? Wouldn’t it be fun to see what would happen if the electoral vote and the popular vote were reversed? Would the “other guys” then act like the statesmen they purport to be and “concede for the good of the country?” Has everyone stopped laughing? What was that old adage … something about, “… depends upon whose ox is being Gored (ouch!) …”?

And, finally: Does anyone really believe that politically appointed judges, no matter how exalted and “supreme” can be relied upon to render impartial decisions? Anyway, why in the world don’t more Americans exercise their right to vote?

John O’Neill is co-director of the Carson Valley Violin School and may be contacted at, mftd@pyramid.net or through his web site, Music-FoodForTheBrain.com. (He has voted in every presidential and congressional election since 1952.)