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A failed shot at Internet shopping

While putting the syringe together we had used vaccinating cattle with its many washers and parts I broke the 50cc glass barrel that goes inside the pistol grip syringe. Got mad because the syringe was clean. All that time cleaning, disinfecting wasted. Out of glass barrels for the syringe, I thought “go to the Internet, find a replacement, fast, simple, free delivery.” But no.

The first website to pop up erased my bad mood and offered me some humor to wonder what am I doing out here. Fall is the settling in time around here. No water to worry about, enough grass to not be feeding. Time to take feeder calves to auction. Cull out older or unwanted cows. Time to make plans for the coming year and years to come. A lot to think about as you sit down in front of a machine, which can bring much of the world to your fingertips.

The algorithms complied in some bizarre way; which monitor your and my computer use determined my specific request for a 50cc glass barrel for a pistol grip syringe to mean looking for decorating ideas.

Vintage, was the first word poking the funny bone in my brain on this top posted website. A website supposedly created for persons to sell hand crafted items, and vintage things, because what I wanted was categorized under vintage. Something the seller posted her dear father had used during a by gone day. How else would you classify a 50cc glass barreled pistol grip syringe used on cattle?

Often think I live on a museum. Have commented a loud how some of the antiquities out here should not be moved. Like the old wooden plank 16-foot gates that drag on the ground pulling on their thick iron hinges bolted into the even splinterier corner posts. Have to lift up and carry those gates pushing with your shoulder if want them to open or close.

Some of the more classic machinery used to haul dirt around this place was running years before man landed on the moon. My tractor is as old as the Civil Rights law.

The main curator here who drinks breakfast coffee in my kitchen has replaced most of the splintery heavy wooden gates with lighter, free swinging metal ones. And might be waiting until machinery here gets classified as collectable. Then plans on selling them as such to get real machines that run better. Just a guess.

Buildings on this place range in age from last generation built to early 1870s built. Therefore vintage is definitely appropriate for replacement parts. But so many choices made it unclear what kind of barrel would fit my syringe. Never keeping the original packaging these items come in there were limited ways to find out.

Therefore I closed the website, drove to town to get some groceries, stopped at the Vet supply store. Showed the man my broken glass barrel. He sold me two for 50 cents cheaper a piece than any offered on the Internet. One for immediate replacement and one for just incase this classic item becomes collectable and too expensive to be used as an everyday kind of cattle inoculator.

Marie Johnson is a Carson Valley rancher.