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A different Angle


My grandson and I went to a political rally to hear Sharron Angle speak Aug.13. We both had some concerns regarding some of her statements but realizing her opponent’s reptilian style of doing business, including political campaigning, our concerns would be addressed.

Angle arrived with a big smile, modestly attired and eager to talk to all who wanted to personally meet her.

A two-sheet newspaper (printed on four sides) called “The Angle Examiner” was passed out and she then started with her message. 

My questions were answered in the written material handed out and still three or four people asked the same questions.

Her smile never left her face and she patiently answered each question. 

Question: Are you a Scientologist?

Answer: “I am not a Scientologist. I have been a member of the Southern Baptist Church for 35 years.”

Question: Are you a prohibitionist?

Answer: “No. I was talking about how we deal with alcoholism, and I think that’s the same way we deal with the drug epidemic instead of legislation.”

Question: Why do you want to eliminate the Department Of Education?

Answer: “As a former teacher and grandmother of 10, nobody is more committed than I am. I simply don’t believe that is best accomplished via unfunded mandates from bureaucrats in Washington.”

Question: Do you want to “wipe-out” Social Security.

Answer: “No, I believe we must keep Social Security by securing the money in the Social Security fund and put it in a lockbox that the federal government cannot raid – as Harry Reid has.”

Angle went much more in detail about the above answers and other questions asked of her.

I’m impressed with Sharron Angle. Reid has really screwed up. He needs to go in November 2010. Give Angle a chance – if she messes up give her the pink slip in the next election.

William Lepore