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A contradiction


I will refrain from naming names. I was at a nonpartisan political discussion event recently and standing at the edge of an exchange between several players on the political scene including several candidates. One such, a tall fellow complete with cowboy hat and belt buckle that could pick up HBO, was being queried as to why, since he had left politics some time back was he again running for an even higher office? The gentleman guffawed and replied, “well, I couldn’t find an honest job.”

Now, in light of our representation at all levels lately, I understand the humor, but please, why would I want to vote for an individual who disdains the endeavor he is asking me to entrust to him?

I would also note that the refrain of present day Republicans is that government should basically disappear. Again, why would I be motivated to entrust the administration of that which maintains my drinking water, my roads, my police and fire protection, my court system and the myriad of services provided by our elected and hired government servants to individuals who want to undermine and limit those services?

Respectfully, a confused voter.

Christopher Lunn