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A better way


The stated need for the Affordable Care Act was to assure access to health care for some 30 million Americans not covered by health insurance.

According to testimony from Health and Human Services Secretary Sebelius, the department has obligated $677 million for the troubled ACA web site alone.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the act will cost $1.76 trillion (yes that’s trillion with a “T”).

I offer the following observation for my friends who still believe in large government, central planning, “Yes we can”, and unicorns.

If, in lieu of the ACA, one half of the $1.76 trillion ACA cost was directed to the 30 million uninsured, each would have more than $29,000 to be placed into an Individual Health Savings Account to fund their own health care.

This money could only be used for health care and would grow until needed.

The problem of the uninsured would be resolved, while necessary changes to the current system (such as tort reform, and solving the pre-existing condition issue through the use of high risk pools) were implemented.

The remaining 270 million Americans, most of whom were satisfied with their health care plans, would not have those plans altered, made more costly, or cancelled.

Their access to the doctors and hospitals of their choice would not be reduced or eliminated; nor would the entire health care industry be placed in jeopardy.

Oh yes, and we would save $880 billion in taxpayer money.

Gary Griffith