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A beautiful place


A year and a half ago, I was lucky enough to move to the Carson Valley. What I found is that not only is the Valley a physically beautiful place to live filled with a wide variety of activities, it is also an area truly defined by the unique character of its residents. There are people willing to volunteer to assist in any area, sharing their time and talents to a wide variety of clubs, organizations and charities. Many people who have grown up here or lived here for an extended time may have become accustomed to the benefits we reap. I would really recommend everyone take a moment to look around at what we have in the people who live here. Time and again I have seen that these volunteers and their activities vastly enhance the quality of life we all lead in the valley, and make it a very welcoming place to newcomers and visitors. They keep the area socially active and better the lives of many with their altruistic efforts. It would be difficult to find a cause or need that doesn’t already have dedicated people volunteering and working to assist that need. These great people are an important part of what sets Carson Valley apart from other areas. Since we moved here, there have been so many opportunities for my own children to see what a difference one person can make by giving of themselves to help others. My hope is that their generation and other younger generations will pick up the baton, become involved in some type of volunteer work that sparks their interest, and cherish the joy that comes from helping others. The future is theirs, and I hope they will make the choice to be involved in volunteering so they can continue to make the Carson Valley a very special place to live.

A.J. Frels