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A banner year

This year has been anything but a quiet on for Douglas County.

While joining the rest of the nation and world in reacting and adjusting to the events of Sept. 11, Douglas County residents stayed busy debating and observing a number of developments that will probably mean major changes for Carson Valley.

The county’s economy continues to grow, with a Starbucks roasting plant, a super Wal-Mart and two potential casinos in the planning stages. Bently Nevada is being sold to a division of General Electric, a move that has roused a lot of speculation about what that means for the future of Douglas County.

The year has also been bittersweet: The sale of Sharkey’s probably means the dilution of a unique landmark, and growth in Clark County means the state Senate district represented by Minden resident Lawrence Jacobsen, Nevada’s elder statesman, is disappearing.

Douglas County has been through change before. The 1990s brought a wave of residential growth that altered the landscape and cast Carson Valley as a bedroom community.

The events of 2001 signal another stage in the evolution of Douglas County: This time from a rural, close-knit series of hamlets to a sophisticated entity whose leaders can look beyond their own immediate interests to what benefits the region.

Change can be a challenge, but Douglas County is up to it. Welcome, 2002.