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400 votes can make a difference

Members of the Douglas County Sewer Improvement District board can be heard describing the residents who opposed their plan to mine gravel in the East Valley as “400 maniacs.”

We contend that it was those votes which decided who will be running Douglas County for the next four years.

On other tapes, the same board members can be heard claiming to be able to tap 1,000 votes. That seems like something they should have done if they truly had that power.

We doubt that anyone would protest having an extra thousand votes from any source in this primary election.

With only two races for federal offices on the ballot, only 30 percent of Democrats turned out.

Fewer than 15 percent of nonpartisan and minor party voters cast a ballot. With just the school board and a district board race, it’s hard to be too critical of them.

We were hoping that a dramatic commissioner race would draw better than 45 percent of Republican voters, but it was not to be.

But those folks who didn’t cast a ballot also made a choice in this election.

That’s because the genius of our republic is that those people who really care about something can have influence far in excess of their numbers.

We haven’t seen the detailed results, but we bet that precincts in the East Valley, Ruhenstroth and Johnson Lane where flooding and roads are major issues, had a much higher percentage turnout then places where there wasn’t that much drama.