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4-H Capital Day’s delegates guests at state legislature

Staff Reports

Six Douglas County 4-H members from and around the state were honored guests at the Nevada Legislature on March 10 -12 in Carson City.

The seventh through 12 graders were a part of a statewide 4-H program of 60 youth “Capital Days” that takes place bi-annually when the legislature is in session. The students tour the legislative, judicial and capital buildings and come face to face with senators and assembly persons.

Prior to the event, 4-H members attended two training sessions to study how a bill becomes a law, etiquette of interacting with public officials and the basics of our Nevada legislative process.

A highlight of the session was an intimate look at the lobbing procedure from Diana Glomb, lobbyist for Foster Children’s Rights and Steve Watson, lobbyist for Insurance Companies.

Both lobbyists, though involved in vastly different issues, put forth to the group that we are fortunate to have a “peoples” legislature in that our officials are very accessible to the public.

After speaking with the lobbyists, senators and assembly persons, 4-H members Jonathon Glocknitzer, 14, of Pau Wa Lu Middle School, and Jessie Felix, 13, of Capital Christian School, enjoyed the experience.

“I realize that this is a lot more friendly place than I thought it would be,” Glocknitzer said. “Everyone is very nice.”

Brianne Vazquez, 16, who is home schooled, recalled Glomb’s comment that the “legislative process in Nevada isn’t a Republican or Democratic process, it is a people process.”

Another highlight was visiting the State Supreme Court judges chambers of Judge Gibbons, who is the uncle of Douglas 4-H member Michelle Gibbons, 14, of Sierra Crest Academy. The youth toured the supreme court and judges chambers before heading to the law library, state capital and Nevada State Museum.

“It was three full days of activites, but it was fun,” said Olga Capps, 14, of Smith Valley School.

Josh Vogel, 15, of Pau Wa Lu, thought that the mine tour at the museum was the best part.

The trip was proceeded by team building and leadership workshops with the State Capital Day’s delegates and a wrap-up session on the next day.