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395 work in works

It has been 16 years since Highway 395 through Gardnerville was repaved, and it shows.

More than 20,000 vehicles travel what we affectionately know as Main Street every day.

We agree with County and Regional Transportation Commissioner Larry Walsh that there are parts of the road that are near gravel.

That said, it will be 2022 before the state is scheduled to repave the federal highway from 1st Street in Minden to Waterloo in Gardnerville.

Gardnerville has waited a long time for several improvements that will hopefully come with the repaving, including four improved pedestrian crossings in town and the softening of the S-curve, which saw a wreck just last week.

A speed limit study between Buckeye Road and Muller Lane in January found three-quarters of vehicles traveled within the posted speed limits. It feels like three-quarters of the vehicles we’re on the highway with are exceeding that 25 mph speed limit through Minden.

As a result of the study, there are no plans to change the speed limits through town.

It hasn’t been all that long since onstreet parking was allowed in Gardnerville, but without the construction of Muller Parkway, returning to those days is looking increasingly unlikely.