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35 seniors inducted into the 90-Plus Club

by Caryn Haller
Shannon LitzDoug Johnson presents a flower and certificate to 90 Plus Club member Helen Maple at the Douglas County Senior Center on Wednesday.

Gardnerville resident Dorie Pharris didn’t let being more than nine decades old stop her from going out dancing on New Year’s Eve 2011.

The 93-year-old was one of 45 seniors celebrating being a part of the 90-plus Club on Wednesday at the Douglas County Senior Center.

“It’s a miracle,” Pharris said. “I’ve traveled all over the country and Europe and run a hotel for years. God’s been good to me.”

Born Jan. 10, 1920, in Bangor Maine, Pharris said she enjoys being around people, especially the Red Hat ladies.

“They keep me alive,” she said.

When Sheriff Ron Pierini, emcee of the 90-Plus Birthday celebration, asked Gardnerville resident Doris Algan her age, she asked, “Do I have to tell you?” To which he replied, “Yes, you do,” as he flashed his badge at her with a smile.

“It’s a great time to honor people 90-plus,” Pierini said. “It’s a wonderful experience to hear what they’ve done in their lifetime, and it’s a nice feeling to have people of that age here and able to celebrate their birthdays.”

Julie Apgar, 91, says she feels about 40.

“I play pinochle three days a week,” she said. “It keeps you looking around and helps your memory.

The Gardnerville resident drove a commercial bus for 26 years.

Her daughter, Pat Gage, boasted of a Yosemite trip when her mother drove a bus over an embankment and into a pasture after an oncoming car hit the front of the bus and took off a wheel.

“She literally kept it from rolling over,” Gage said. “She was a hero.”

World War II veteran Ed DeLima, 91, said longevity runs in the family.

“My grandmother on my father’s side was 101,” he added. “I exercise a lot and walk my dog, and play a little music on the side. I do everything now that I did when I was 20 years old.”

Minden resident Gladys Gust, 92, said being her age is unreal.

“I never expected to be 90 years old,” she said. “And the funny thing is I don’t feel it.”

There are 225 members in the 90-Plus Club, of which 35 were inducted this year.

The oldest member in attendance Wednesday was Gardnerville Ranchos resident Emily Glass. She will be 99 in March.

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