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25 years and still counting

While the first use of the term “Muller Lane Parkway” dates back to the beginning of 1991, having a route that crosses north of Minden and Gardnerville is as old as Douglas County.

The original route of the Cradlebaugh Toll Road crossed the Valley diagonally from the Carson River bridge to Jake’s Hill.

That route was abandoned by the county a very long time ago.

Something vaguely resembling the current route of Muller Lane Parkway was included in the 1985 transportation plan. That route didn’t get the name until 1991, when it was proposed with the new master plan element.

The first time the name was used in public print was when the route was unveiled to the towns of Minden and Gardnerville at a February 1991 meeting as part of the preliminary master plan.

Muller Lane would undergo several changes over the next few years driven by the desires of developers who were expected to provide the right of way.

The parkway was determined to be the northern edge of Minden and Gardnerville. According to the transportation plan to be reviewed by Douglas County commissioners on Thursday, more than 2.3 miles of the route are to be built by the west side of Winhaven to a spot north of Toler Lane for $3.3 million in county funds.

Getting to Toler Lane will be a little harder since the project that was supposed to dedicate right of way to the county failed and that development agreement has been repealed.

Presumably some other developer will come along to work on the former Ashland Park project north of Toler Lane, and will have to dedicate right of way, but that hasn’t happened yet.

There’s a lot of road left to build and not a lot of money in the treasury to build it. That’s pretty much par for the course for Douglas County.